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This category is aimed towards international visitors of zinvollerleven.nl. Zinvoller leven is Dutch and can be translated as both a ‘more meaningful life’ or ‘living more meaningfully’. Either way: living with purpose is what is is all about.

You won’t find any translations of the Dutch content here, but you will find articles written in English that will hopefully be interesting for both the Dutch and the international visitors. : )

So I have made a few comments on Twitter about the George Floyd incident. This morning while reading the newspaper I needed to say more and started off writing. Admittedly, it has become a bit of a rant. But then again a rant feels like pretty much the only...
Why time seems to speed up as we age
Do you remember when you were small? How uncles and aunties would pinch your cheek and say how much you'd grown and how time went by so fast? I always found it really stupid. In my experience time really didn't go that fast. And what with the cheek pinching...
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Yes here's an international section of zinvollerleven, aimed towards the international visitors of this website. As you will have noticed, most of the website is in Dutch and that will still be main part of the website. But over time we have noticed more and more international visitors on...