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In the tiny book review you will find super short reviews I have written after finishing a book. I started writing these tiny book reviews just to make some mental notes and thoughts on a book for my own use. But life is better when you share, right?! So here you go. Enjoy!

ik ga leven Lale Gül zinvollerleven.nl miniboekbespreking

Ik ga leven – Lale Gül – miniboekbespreking

Het boek "Ik ga leven" van Lale Gül is geen slecht debuut. Het boek bevestigt veel van mijn denkbeelden.  Dat vind ik jammer. Ongelijk hebben...

Gabor Maté and ’the Myth of Normal’

Over the last week and a half I read the Myth of Normal. It was the first book I ever read by Gabor Maté...