The Nix – Nathan Hill – Tiny Book Review

A very quick review of Nathan Hill's novel 'The Nix'. Spoiler: it's not quite as 'unputdownable' as I would have liked

The Nix by Nathan Hill is not as “unputdownable” as I would have liked. The endless and indepth sidetracking put me off many times as I was just getting into the story or one of the many stories making up the main story. 

So it took me a while to finish this novel. The story finally gained a little pace towards the last 150 pages or so. A little too late for a book consisting of 732 pages. It could have done with 250 or so less pages and much more focus and pace. A nice story that would have been nicer had it been a lot shorter.

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If it had been up to me, The Nix wouldn’t be the bestseller it seems to have become. If you are reading this as one of my Dutch readers, or readers in the Netherlands ofcourse you can make up your own mind by reading this bulky novel yourself. You can check your local bookshop, or order the book online via It comes in a Dutch translation, but also in English as a paperback, audiobook, E-book and many other formats and translations.
Don’t just take my word for it. Make up your own mind. I would love to hear your feedback. Do you agree or disagree with my tiny review? And why or why not? Feel free to leave a comment below. 


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