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    welcome and support zinvollerleven.nl

    Yes here’s an international section of zinvollerleven, aimed towards the international visitors of this website. As you will have noticed, most of the website is in Dutch and that will still be main part of the website. But over time we have noticed more and more international visitors on the website, so we aim to make your visit a little more interesting for you too! And while you’re here, I as the founder would like to ask for your support as well as your interest in zinvollerleven.nl. Further down you can read how and why it won’t cost you a thing!

    Zinvoller leven? Ehhrr… what?!

    Zinvoller leven is Dutch and is translated either as ‘a more meaningul life’ of ‘living more meaningfully’ and thus is a website with purpose and about life, meaning and purpose. The site was built in May of 2018 and by now has a steady flow of visitors. Mainly from the Netherlands and Belgium, but from overseas too. The English content is yet to be written, but in the meantime I would like to refer you to the ‘video in English’ tag. The content with the videos is in Dutch, but the carefully curated videos are in English or without any verbal language. Do have a look at them. They are informative, inspiring and at times very touching. (Yes, I would say this. I did choose them, right?)

    Work in progress

    welcome and support international visitors zinvollerleven.nl

    As with all websites zinvollerleven.nl is a work in progress. The structure of the Dutch part of the website is quite clear, but the English category will grow organically and that will surely be related to all the articles on the rest of the site, but won’t consist of direct translations. That would be too boring for me as the founder and writer of this site and I also want the English content to be interesting for the Dutch visitors too. Most Dutch speak, read and write English reasonably well.


    Embarking on a journey together

    So you the reader and I are going on a journey together as I am figuring things out. In Dutch I have written a fair bit, both on this and other websites, but also in trade magazines about coaching and HR and in books on similar topics. And in Dutch I have found my own distinct writing voice. Hopefully I will gain my own distinct style in English too! We shall find out soon enough! Feel free to comment on the articles written. I am happy with feedback if the English is isn’t quite right, but if you understand it regardless you are also very welcome to turn a blind eye. After all: there is no such thing as perfection.

    Who’s the founder of zinvollerleven.nl?

    First of all zinvollerleven.nl is a privately founded platform for everyone interested in all things meaning and purpose in life. It is founded by yours truly a forty-something woman with a master’s degree in the social sciences and living in one of the big cities in the Dutch Randstad area. I am happily sharing my life with my partner of over 10 years. I have always been interested in meaning, purpose, philosophy, psychology and the likes. Maybe to understand myself and others better, or maybe simply because of my ever curious nature. I have chosen to remain anonymous for the time being, but that may change in the future. Both you as the reader and I shall find out. As said, founding and maintaining an online platform is an organic process…

    Do you like zinvollerleven.nl? Please support us!

    If you like zinvollerleven.nl and want to support the website help me by using the affiliate link to amazon.com. It won’t cost you a cent (or a penny etc), but it will hopefully earn me a little money to at least cover the costs… Or even make this a fulltime job! I would be super stoked if that were to happen, eventually.

    zinvollerleven.nl tulpje

    Ordering on Amazon.com will earn me a small commission

    If you order on amazon.com by clicking the link in this sentence or below in the amazon logo, I will earn a small commission which for now will cover some of the costs for maintaining this website. It won’t cost you anything extra and I will not receive any information on who you are, where you live etc. But as said: it will earn me a small amount of money. That way I can provide you with more free content (or eventually start an English website?) and you will get to read more interesting articles! That is a classic win-win situation in my book! Thank you very much for your support and interest in this website! amazon logo

    And a few more links for the people using these Dutch webshops

    If you click on the logos, you will be redirected to the mentioned webshops. For these I will receive a small commission. Alvast hartelijk dank!



    Thank you! Dank je wel! Danke wol! Gracias! Merci! Danke schön! Obrigada! 


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